Board and District Goals

2018-2019 Board and District Goals

Board Goals

1. To continue to provide resources to support the district’s instructional program through prudent management and fiscal responsibility.

2. To continue Board Member training through NJSBA and other available resources.

3. To provide technology, programs and other resources that reflect 21st Century skills and promote positive student outcomes.

4. To actively engage family and community members to become our partners in raising and maintaining high student achievement.

5. To provide and support teacher growth, knowledge and skills by providing professional development opportunities both in and out of district.

6. To maintain and provide adequate facilities to support our educational programs and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

7. The Board will continue to support the district’s efforts to promote a positive home-school connection by recognizing the achievements of students and staff at Board meetings and through other appropriate means.

District Goals

1. To implement and effectively utilize the “LinkIt!” Dashboard Reporting Platform to provide assessment technology, content, and related services to improve student achievement in grades K-8.

2. To effectively utilize eBoards in grades K-8 to keep parents and guardians informed of classroom events, notices, assignments and other student/school related information.

3. To establish a new “District Data Analysis Team” which will meet at the end of each marking period to review and analyze student performance data from various sources such as PARCC, MAP, LinkIt!, DRA’s and other formative classroom assessments with the purpose of improving instruction and student outcomes.

4. The Superintendent will establish a “Superintendent’s Liaison Committee” comprised of BEA members, administrators, paraprofessionals and other stakeholders. The committee will proactively address issues and concerns which may arise within the district. The committee will meet at least three times a year.

5. To establish a professional partnership and collaborate with surrounding colleges and universities in attempt to enhance and strengthen our STEAM program in grades K-8.

Approved at the 8/20/2018 Board of Education Meeting