Board and District Goals

2021-2022 Board Goals

The Board of Education will:

1. Strive to create a positive learning environment by providing students and staff with the tools, training, and facilities needed to promote continuous student growth.

2. Foster a positive social, emotional, and behavioral culture in which students are encouraged to attain academic and personal success,

3. Advance the work of inclusivity and equity throughout the Barrington School District.

2021-2022  District Goals

The following District Goals were developed in collaboration with Central Office Administrators.


  1. To reconvene the District Data Analysis Team which will meet at the end of each marking period (or more often) to review and analyze student performance data from various sources such as NJSLS, MAP, LinkIt!, DRAs and other formative classroom assessments with the purpose of improving instruction, student outcomes and student growth.


  2. The District will provide a series of three in-person or virtual sessions (depending on the circumstances) to help parents access and utilize District technologies such as Genesis, Google Classroom, Remind and other platforms.  The sessions will be scheduled and conducted prior to December 23, 2021.

  3. To further develop social emotional learning (SEL) competencies with a focus on healing-centered practices.  This will be accomplished through professional development and classroom integration.
  4. To implement and engage teachers in a growth focused teaching model utilizing the Danielson Framework for Teaching and Learning.  The model is closely aligned to the NJ Teaching Standards.  Professional development will be provided.