Board and District Goals

2022-2023 Board Goals

The Board of Education will:

1) Strive to create a positive learning environment by providing students and staff with the tools, training, and facilities needed to promote continuous student growth by governing in an efficient and effective manner and providing leadership and representation to benefit the students, staff, and patrons of the District.

2) Enhance community support of the District by promoting its positive attributes, maintaining open lines of communication, and encouraging parent and community member involvement.

3) Infuse technology throughout the district to enhance productivity, while promoting online safety awareness, for students, parents and staff.

4) Foster a positive social, emotional, and behavioral culture that promotes inclusivity and equity and develops understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of human diversity in order to encourage students to attain academic and personal success

2022-2023 District  Goals

1) Build upon inclusive teaching practices to provide lesson design that matches individual student needs. 

2) Develop district-wide strategies to enhance parent engagement in academic programming and school operations.

3) Redesign district website for optimal ease of use by parents, staff, and students.

4) Enhance school security practices and protocols to include use of advanced technologies.