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Woodland School

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Bylaws for Student Council

The name of this organization shall be:  Woodland School Student Council.

PURPOSE OF ORGANIZATION :The purpose of this organization will be:

1)     Provide the Woodland school community with opportunities to share their time, gifts, and talents in service toWoodland School, our neighbors in Barrington and the global community;

2)    Provide special events that promote school spirit;

3)    Provide activities and support a school environment that promotes high academic standards;

4)     Work together with fellow Student Council members; fellow students; faculty; staff and administration to makeWoodland School the best that it can be.


Article I.                    Officers.

The Officers of Woodland School Student Council shall be:  President; Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer; Committee Chairperson; Historian.

Article II.                 Duties of Officers. 

President – 8th Grader: 

                   1)  Shall preside over meetings;

                   2)  Shall prepare a written agenda for all regular

                        Student Council meetings:

                   3)  Shall preside at assemblies;

                   4)  Shall be the official representative for the student body of

                        Woodland School; and

                   5)  Shall vote at meetings only in case of a tie.

Vice President -  7th or 8th Grader:

                   1)  Keep Rules of Order;

                   2)  Fulfill duties of President/any officer in his/her absence;

                   3)  Shall act as official host for Student Council visitors; and

                   4)  Shall assume Presidency in case of a vacancy. 

Secretary – 7th or 8th Grader:

                   1)  Records minutes at all meetings;

                   2)  Publishes and distributes minutes at subsequent meetings;

                   3)  Takes and keeps official record of meeting attendance;

                   4)  Keeps a record of minutes;

                   5)  Turns over a copy of minutes for publication in the  

                        Student Council scrapbook; and

                   6)  Reads all incoming correspondence and at direction of

                        Student Council Moderator corresponds with other


Treasurer – 8th Grader:

                   1)  Shall keep a record of all financial transactions made by

                       Student Council; and

                   2)  Shall provide a written report of all transactions at the

                       Meeting to become an official part of the meeting’s


Committee Chairperson Coordinator – 7th or 8th Grader:

                   1)  Coordinate activities in conjunction with Student Council 


                   2)   Oversee, monitor, and meet with chairpersons, when


Historian – 7th or 8th Grader:

                   1)  Shall keep a scrapbook of all Student Council activities

                        Including photographs, newspaper articles, flyers, etc; and

                   2)  Shall take photographs at all official functions sponsored

                        by Student Council.

Article III.               
Executive Board

The Executive Board of Student Council shall consist of the elected officers, the Student Council Moderator, and one representative from each grade level.

The representative from each grade level to serve on Student Council Executive Board shall be selected at the first regular Student Council meeting.  That representative shall be elected from and by the elected classroom representatives from that particular grade.

Article IV.             Executive Board Election

1)    Elections for Woodland School Student Council officers shall be held in June of each year for the subsequent school year;

2)    Prior to elections a meeting shall be held at the direction of the Student Council Moderator.  At this meeting the Student Council Moderator shall review requirements for seeking office; distribute a copy of the by-laws to each potential candidate;

3)   Each potential candidate will be required to share this copy of the by-laws with their parents/guardians, who must sign the copy of the bylaws, as well as a permission slip allowing their child to run for office;

4)   The potential candidate will return the required information within designated time frame and then the Student Council Moderator will issue a “Candidate Petition” (See Appendix A);

5)   The candidate will be required to return the petition along with a copy of the speech which he/she will make at Election Assembly; and

6)   The candidate will address student body at an Election Assembly using his/her approved speech.

Article V.                Eligibility for Office

All candidates for office must:

1)   Maintain a grade of at least 83 in all subject areas on report cards;

2)   Be a model school citizen with no central detentions for behavior over the course of the previous school year;

3)   Represent Woodland School community’s commitment to high standards of decorum; respect for ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity; and respect for local authority at all times.

Article VI.             
Standards for Officers during Term of Office

All elected members of Woodland Student Council shall: 

1)   Meet and Maintain eligibility requirements during term of office;

2)   Serve as model representatives of Woodland School community;

3)   Attend all Student Council meetings unless they interfere with academics (ie., tests, review classes) in which case officer must notify moderator in writing prior to meeting; and

4)   Fulfill all responsibilities faithfully and impartially. 

Article VII.           
Removal from Office 

Section 1.  An officer may be removed from office for neglect of duties or failure to maintain Standards for Officers as defined in Article VI.

Section 2:  Neglect of Duties.

a)  In the event that an officer neglects the responsibilities of his/her office; the Student Council Moderator will initially address the matter with the officer and document meeting in writing with acopy to parent;

b)  If problem persists a hearing will be held on matter with Officer, Student Council Executive Board, Principal, Moderator, and parent/guardian;

c)  When above procedures have been followed and if the problem continues the officer will be removed from office, after individual has been informed in writing. 

Section 3:  Standards of Office. 

          a)  If a student fails to maintain Standards for Officers he/she will

          be removed from office and a written letter forwarded to parents/

          guardians explaining removal from office;

          b)  A parent/guardian may appeal removal by requesting meeting

          with Moderator and Principal.

Article VIII.  Election of Class Representatives

Section 1:  Elections for class representatives will be held within the first two full weeks of the school year.

Section 2:  Class representatives may meet the same eligibility requirements as members of Student Council.

Section 3:  Election Process.

a)    During the first full week of school the officers-elect of Student Council will address the Student Body about the responsibilities of a class representative;

b)    President and Vice President elect will distribute a copy of eligibility, requirements for office and parental/guardian permission slips.

c)    All forms will be returned to Student Council Moderator on designated date.

d)    A list of eligible candidates, certified by the Moderator and the Principal, will be forwarded to classroom teacher by Monday of the  2nd full week of school.

e)    Each candidate must prepare a written speech seeking support of classmates.  A copy of speech will be given to teacher by Wednesday of the same week.

f)     Each candidate must make a speech before classroom elections on Friday of the 2nd full week of school. Immediately following speech elections will be held.

g)    The classroom teacher will count ballots; name the elected representative (candidate with the most votes), and one alternate (candidate with the second highest number of votes).  The names of the representative and the alternate will be forwarded to the Student Council Moderator.

h)    Only the class representative attends the meetings.  Alternates attend only in the absence of the representative.

Section 4:  Class Representative to the Executive Board of Student Council. 

Each grade level will have a representative, who will serve on the Executive Board.  This person will be selected at the 1stannual meeting of the Student Council by a vote of all representatives and alternates from that grade.

Article IX:  Meeting Schedule

Section 1:  There shall be one meeting of the Executive Board of Student Council.  That meeting may be held the 1st week of each month.

Section2:   During the second week of each month there shall be a regular business meeting of the entire Student Council. 

Article X:  Student Council Meeting

Section 1:  All member of Student Council and all class representatives (alternates in the absence of the representatives), except the President, shall have voting rights.

Section 2:  The President votes only in the case of a tie.

Section 3:  All votes are subject to school rules and policies and must be approved by appropriate administrators.

Article XI:  Student Council Fundraising

Any monies raised by Student Council during a school year will be earmarked for specific purposes either prior to the event or before June 1st of that school year.

Article XII:  Student Council Vacancy

Section 1:  If an office is vacated during the school year for any reason, the office will be filled from within Student Council.

Section 2:  In case of such a vacancy, said vacancy will be announced at either a regular or special meeting.  At that time any member meeting requirements for office must express his/her interest in seeking said office.

Section 3:  A special meeting will be held with a week to vote to fill vacancy.  Each candidate will be given an opportunity to address the entire Student Council to solicit members support.

Section 4:  Following election speeches a secret ballot election will be held.  A committee appointed by the President will count ballots, and  inform Moderator of results, and turn ballots over to Moderator.  The election committee will announce the results at the end of the school day.