Anti-Bullying Information

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Mrs. Sara Plunkett
Guidance Counselor, (856) 547-6632
[email protected]

HIB 338 Form - To Be Completed by Families / Caregivers

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HIB Policy: http://www.straussesmay.com/seportal/Public/DistrictPolicy.aspx?policyid=5512&search=harassment&id=ba9fed582f6e4dd193efb6a7a49b4cbb

2021-2022 HIB Grades:
Avon - 76/78
Woodland - 76/78

The New Jersey Department of Education provides criteria by which school climate teams are asked to evaluate different aspects of their school’s implementation of the Anti Bullying Bill of Rights (ABR). This Self-Assessment includes a variety of indicators that evaluate programs, approaches, training, curriculum and instruction, and reporting and investigative procedures. Each indicator is rated on a 0-3 scale as follows:
• 0 – Does not meet requirements
• 1 – Partially meets requirements
• 2 – Meets all requirements
• 3 – Exceeds the requirements
Each category has a different number of indicators and therefore, a different maximum number of points as noted underneath each category heading on the Self-Assessment Report. The maximum number of points available on the entire assessment is 78, which would mean that each of the 26 indicators were rated as “exceeds the requirements.”

For the 2021-2022 School year, Avon and Woodland school climate teams scored themselves as 76/78, exceeding requirements in all areas except for 2, in which plans have been put into place to improve for next school year.  

The 2 areas marked for improvement are as follows: 
Core Element 1, indicator C: The school annually assessed HIB programs, approaches or other initiatives.  
Core Element 8, indicator B: The official grades received from the NJDOE for the self-assessment from the previous reporting period, for the schools and for the school district are posted on the homepage of the school's website per the ABR and the requirements of the NJDOE

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School Anti-Bullying Specialists for 2021-2022

Erica Napoli
School: Avon
Title: Teacher
Phone: 856-547-6632
Email: [email protected]

Kristin Flowers
School: Woodland
Title: Teacher
Phone: 856-547-8402
Email: [email protected]